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Rapid and Flexible solutions in field of international transport logistics

Responsibility for your cargo is our primary instinct.
Prompt and clear elimination of unforeseen situations is in our nature.
Also it’s simply and pleasantly to cooperate with us despite of formidable name.


Currently, shipping is one of the safest and most economically sound ways of cargo delivery. 

The possibility to deliver heavy and oversized cargo to the destination is a distinct advantage of this type of transport. Shark Intermodal Systems Company ensures the delivery of export- import cargo by ocean, sea and river transport. We solve professional tasks of any complexity in the shortest possible time, without compromising reliability and delivery time. Experience and effective cooperation with world-wide shipping lines and various port terminals let us offer our customers the most favorable tariffs.


«Door to door» service is an unscheduled transportation, reasonable prices, immediate routing update.

The possibility of carrying outsize cargo or dangerous goods, minimization procedures and formalities. Shark Intermodal Systems Company, while implementing this kind of transportation, uses both its own motor transport and extra one. We co-operate only with reliable Russian and foreign carriers. It provides a wide selection of multipurpose transport types of different size, scheduled arrangement of reliable and sound vehicles, the possibility of cargo delivery to any destination. Our experts carry out daily tracing of cargo movement. Depending on the circumstances, the route and estimated time of cargo arrival are corrected in time, and the customer is immediately informed about this. We guarantee the fulfillment of all obligations incurred in any market situation.



Air transportation

Air transportation can be considered as the fastest way of cargo delivering to the destination. 

Besides speed, there are also other advantages of this kind of transport. Among these are security, increased loading and total capacity, unlimited transportation geography, and reliability. Shark Intermodal Systems staff members have an individual approach to each task solution. We offer our customers the best trade-off between price and speed and guarantee conscientious and co-operative work of all participants of the transport process.


Port forwarding

Port forwarding is necessary for carrying on loading/unloading operations without any problems and arranging all the necessary documentation.

Forwarders specialists of Shark will help you to do this.
Intra-port forwarding includes many nuances: the selection of the best terminals for cargo handling, filling in intra-port and intra-terminal documentation, survey services, etc.

Shark company has been effectively co-operating with vast majority of ports and terminals all around the world for long. Experience of our specialists will help to perform all kinds of intra-port forwarding quickly and accurately. We have representation in more than 400 ports and port- terminals all around the world


Custom clearance

Despite the rapidly growing globalization, customs control is still persisted in many countries.

Professional custom clearance ensures smooth implementation and operation of imported and exported goods and vehicles. 
Shark Intermodal Systems Company provides comprehensive assistance in custom clearance in accordance with the applicable law.
We help our clients to avoid time delay and unexpected financial losses.
We co-operate with the largest custom brokers, who are licensed to provide relevant services. This allows us to guarantee the reliability and high quality of the proposed solutions.


Cargo insurance

In transit of goods by any type of transport, it is impossible to foresee all circumstances or avoid risky situations that may lead to the loss, destruction or damage of cargo.

To avoid significant financial losses and minimize damage, Shark Intermodal Systems Company offers cargo insurance service.
Selection of insurance program is provided at cargo owner's options, taking into account the requirements and nature of cargo. Experience of working with insurance companies helps to consider loyally the emerging insurance cases and compensate the losses in the shortest possible time.
Contact Shark Intermodal Systems staff members to clarify insurance proposals and to get the best estimate according to the specific circumstances.

Searching of suppliers

We offer ready complex solutions on confidential management of logistics of partner companies.

We shall perform the part of delegate functions on search of manufacturers in China, the USA and Europe. Our company can provide the optimization of some goods deliveries and cargo transportation for the customer or to perform all the range of logistics services by offering our clients the ready logistics solutions. 

The whole cycle of work includes:
- Inspecting the chosen manufacturer on behalf of the client,
- Studying the goods features, purchasing the samples and goods items;
- Negotiating with suppliers and signing delivery contracts;
- Receiving the required permitting documents;
- Goods delivery to the client's warehouse «door-to-door». 


Tank-containers: shipping of bulk cargo, liquefied gases, and food products.

Tank-container is dedicated transport equipment, designed for the secure transportation of liquefied petroleum gas, as well as non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals, and food products.

Advantages of tank-container transportation:
- More than 500 product names can be carried out in tank-containers without additional re-equipment;
- The possibility of international freightage under customs seals, affixed during shipment, to any part of the Earth, crossing any number of state borders;
- The possibility of warehousing and temporary cargo storage in tank containers without immediate discharge;
- Robust design of tank containers that allows stacking-up in tiers;
- The opportunity of being a part of the process cycle of chemical, oil, gas and other refineries.

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Shark Intermodal Systems had successfully got certificate ISO9001 in 2016 as confirmation of suitability to international standards in field of management quality.

Certification was performed by independent and leading worldwide classification society DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas - Germanischer Lloyd), which indicates the commitment of our company to a consistent , continuous improvement and to increasing of customers satisfaction.


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